Change is good. And it’s easy, too.

We’ve seen first-hand how the BSD Tools can help organizations across industries drive their goals forward. And here’s why we think you should make the switch.

Challenge: Data everywhere—and all of it wrapped up in red-tape.

Solution: With the BSD Tools, it’s easy to migrate and consolidate data from lots of different sources, without the IT run-around. And once we’ve got your data moved over to one place, it’s easy to search constituents and segment lists—no matter how many people you’re engaging. But if migration isn’t an option, our flexible APIs and import/export tools can work with your existing database of record.

Challenge: Reliability, plain and simple.

Solution: With the capacity to handle 18 million emails an hour (and a running tally of over 30 billion total messages sent), we make sure your voice gets heard. To seal the deal, we offer a built-in spam calculator so you can optimize emails and engage your audience in the best way imaginable.

Challenge: Impossible contracts, hidden costs, you know the story.

Solution: We customize plans for organizations of all shapes and sizes, meaning you’ll always get what you need, but nothing more than you want.

Challenge: The feeling you could be doing so much more, if only all your systems were on the same page.

Solution: Make the most of an intuitive, integrated set of features, each designed to help you amp up your program and meet your goals more quickly. Features include branded donation forms and emails, social share pages, a full reporting tool, and Quick Donate, our proprietary tool for easy repeat donations. Bonus: it’s all under one roof.

Challenge: The hold music stuck in your head.

Solution: Enough waiting for an automated email or phone prompt from your current provider. With the BSD Tools, you get personalized, at-the-ready onboarding and customer service. From real people.