A Letter to NationBuilder’s Clients

A Letter To NationBuilder's Clients:

Yesterday evening, NationBuilder posted a message to their blog celebrating Donald Trump’s victory, congratulating him and other clients for having the “courage to lead,” and stating that they’ll be there “every step of the way” as he takes office.

At Blue State Digital, we believe it’s irresponsible for a business to take a value-neutral worldview when it leads to the election of someone accused of serial sexual assault, abject racism, and authoritarian views. We believe it’s hypocritical to simultaneously support anti-democratic values and seek benefit from progressive and civic organizations that fight every day against them.  

We’re proud to support hundreds of organizations that have an even more important role as advocates and service providers in society today—no contorted values statements required.

To any nonprofit charity or progressive advocacy organization that currently uses NationBuilder’s services: if we can help you get off their platform, we will. There are dozens of other products on the market that offer an equal or greater feature set and aren’t proudly obstructing your mission.

If our product, the BSD Tools, happens to be right for you, we’ll make it easy by matching your current NationBuilder pricing if you start your transition before inauguration day on January 20th. Usually, this will be a substantial discount from our standard pricing, as our product is built for medium- and large-scale organizations. But because of the moral dilemma in which NationBuilder has placed its clients, we will help where we can, or help you find the best fit.

We hope that other progressive technology companies will make similar offers and look forward to working with you.


Alex Stanton
Managing Director, BSD Tools