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  • Data Security, Reliability, and Privacy Overview

    This document provides a brief overview of how Blue State Digital works to protect customers' and end users' privacy as well as secure its technical infrastructure.

  • Spam Control and Blacklists

    As a provider of mass mailing services, one of the most persistent and pervasive problems faced by Blue State Digital and, by extension, our clients is the management of relationships with email providers to prevent mailings sent through our infrastructure from being classified and treated as "Spam." This paper aims to clarify both the nature of this problem and the countermeasures Blue State Digital takes to minimize its impact on our clients.

  • Bounce Unsubscription Policy

    A mailing list can lose members in one of three ways: 1) Removal by an administrator, 2) Interactive removal by the list member, 3) Automatic un-subscription due to failed delivery attempts, also known as bounces.

  • Email List Upload Policy

    This document outlines BSD's policies with regards to email list uploads. These policies apply to both lists uploaded by new clients and those being added by existing clients. BSD uses a shared mail delivery infrastructure. A given server might send mail for 30+ clients on any particular day. Because ISPs use information about the sending server to make decisions about whether a given message should be treated as spam, a bad list uploaded by one client can affect deliverability rates for other clients. As such, we have this policy in place to ensure that this shared resource remains available and useful for all our clients.

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