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Materials & Recording: “Your Guide to Kick-Ass Welcome Journeys” PowerTools Training

It’s hard to underestimate the importance of a smart, strategic welcome journey—the emails and narrative arc that people receive after signing up for updates from you for the first time. These messages ensure that your most important and meaningful “asks” and messages are seen when your supporters are most likely to be tuned in. These first emails tend to have the highest open and click rates of any email, which means this is your best chance to get something important in front of the newest members of your audience.

We recently led a training on how to create smart, creative, and effective welcome journeys for your organization. You can find the recording, slides, and recipient list examples below.

We also encourage you to download this worksheet and work with your team to map out the various welcome journeys for your new supporters—let us know how it goes!

Here's the recording:

Here are the slides:

As mentioned during the training, there are a number of ways that the recipient lists can be set up, but here's a basic framework:

1) Email #1: For your first email in the series, you'll want to mark "signup date" on or after you schedule it to send as a recurring mailing:

Email 1 Set Up

2) Email #2: For the second email in the series, you'll want to set the time frame to note how many days you'd like between people receiving email #1 and #2:

Email #2 Set Up

3) Email #3: For the third email in the series, you can set it based on someone receiving email #2:

Email #3 set up

4) If you want to suppress those in the welcome journey from your organization's main communications, you can set up an "Exclude" group with "Did not receive email #3" (or however many emails there are in the sequence) AND "signup date is after X," with X being the starting date of the email sequence. You can also set that up as a dynamic constituent group for regular suppressions; please note that that group will be built once a day. 

If you have additional questions about setting up kick-ass welcome journeys, email us at 

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