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PowerTools: “Timing is Everything: Your Guide to Digital Calendars”

Getting ready to kick-off a digital campaign? We know how overwhelming it can get. Timing is your friend– and planning a communications calendar will to help you run your campaign smoothly. 

During our recent PowerTools training, BSD Content & Campaigns Strategist Natieka Samuels, generously shared her process for building and implementing a communications calendar. Natieka shared a template (dubbed the “Game of Thrones Deck of Awesomeness”) to help you get started. You can find the recording, slides, and template below.

Here’s the recording: 

Here are the slides.

Download the Game of Thrones deck of awesomeness (and use it as a template for creating your own digital calendar).

As emphasized in our training, a digital calendar will help you stay sane and help align your team with the campaign’s plans, goals, and objectives.

Start by building a three-month calendar. The right format can make collaboration a breeze–consider using Google spreadsheets or Google Docs.

Once you decide what calendar format you want to use, follow these five steps to build your communications calendar:

  1. Identify you campaign’s important moments. Include national holidays, observances, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.
  2. Figure out what you need to learn. Define your goals and identify any sore spots in your program. Consider testing your plans to help you find the answers to any remaining questions.
  3. Know who you’ll be able to talk to and consider their experiences.
  4. Brainstorm creative concepts around your goals and objectives.
  5. Plan each message individually.

?Remember: your plans will may change. Our rule of thumb is to communicate any potential changes or obstacles to the team. Keep high priorities in place, but don’t abandon the calendar–be nimble! 

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