New Reports Now Available

Since the launch of the BSD Tools Reporting Library, we've been working hard to add new ways of looking at your data. In our most recent release, we've added over a dozen new reports to help you explore data in new ways or just automate some things that you might have previously been trying to calculate manually.

The new reports you can now access are:

  • Constituents By Acquistion Source: Return a list of constituent IDs, filtered by creation date, with a particular source
  • Contributions By Mailing With Mailing Stats: For all mailings with at least one associated contribution between dates, return basic mailing stats and contribution data for all links sourced by the BSD Sourcer.
  • Failed Contribution By Date Range: Pull a list of failed contributions over a date range
  • First Time Signups By Source: Return the number of constituent signup records, filtered by date, associated with each source having 1 or more associated signups.
  • Mailing-Campaign Source Code Map: For each mailing that has been sent at least once, return the name of that mailing, its associated source_code and the most recent send date.
  • Mobile Contributions by Date and Donation Form: Contributions from mobile devices filtered by date and form.
  • Non-Donor Actives: Return the Constituent ID of anyone who has never donated, but has taken another action (either a signup, donation, advocacy action or mailing open/click) in the past 6 months.
  • Recurring Mailing Stats: Stats for your recurring mailings, filtered by date of send
  • Redirect Usage Report: Return a list of all Shortcuts with usage stats. 
  • Wrapper Usage Look Up: List signup forms and contribution forms that use a given wrapper.


Please take a look and let us know what you think!

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