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BSD Tools performance and security upgrades

We’re excited to announce significant performance and security improvements coming soon to the BSD Tools. 

Beginning in January, we will migrate BSD Tools accounts to a more modern database architecture which provides faster querying capabilities, more resilient failover processes, and a higher level of data security. 

Why is BSD migrating systems?

  • Performance:  The new system is significantly more performant than the current one. You can expect constituent searches, mailing prepares, and other queries to execute faster. 
  • Resilience: The new system will be more resilient, with further automation added to our failover process. Customers who access MySQL reporting replica databases can also expect replication to be more resilient to failures.
  • Security: The new system keeps your data more secure, including robust encryption standards for data both in transmission and at rest. 

Will my account experience any downtime?
Your account will be migrated to the new system automatically, with no action required by you or your team. However, to facilitate this process, your account will experience a brief, off-hours maintenance window of less than 60 seconds. During this time BSD Tools supporter-facing and administrative pages will not be available. You’ll receive an email notifying you of your maintenance window. 

I connect to a BSD Tools MySQL reporting replica database. Is the BSD Tools database schema changing?
No. There will be no changes made to the BSD Tools database schema as part of this process.

What about the process I use to connect to your MySQL reporting replica database? 
Yes. For customers connection information used to access your BSD Tools MySQL reporting replica database will change. You will need to use a new hostname and a new secure certificate. This information will be provided to you directly prior to the migration. 

As always, please contact the BSD Tools Client Services team with any questions. 

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