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Apple Pay and Google Pay for BSD Tools Fundraising

If you’ve ever paid for your groceries with your phone or have a credit card saved in your browser, then you know firsthand that the future of mobile payments is here.

We’re quickly moving to a world where we’ll pay for absolutely everything using the tiny computers in our pockets. From there, it’s not much of a leap to recognize the opportunity to apply mobile payment technology to charitable donations.

Let’s break down what mobile payment advancements mean for you — and how the BSD Tools can help.

How mobile payment options work
Apple and Google Pay options have rapidly increased in popularity over the past few years. So how do these popular payment services differ?

Apple Pay

Apple’s mobile payment and digital wallet service allows supporters to make payments using an Apple device at brick-and-mortar stores that support the service or on the web using Safari (on either desktop or mobile). For nonprofits, Apple Pay’s simplified payment flow makes it significantly easier for donors to complete their contribution. According to Apple, more than 252 million people have used Apple Pay — nearly one in three iPhone users.

Google Pay

Google unified Google Wallet and Android Pay into one service that allows mobile device payments (similar to Apple Pay) and web purchases (kind of like Amazon Checkout). Google Pay lets users store their payment information in Chrome and loads a payment window as a module native to Chrome on mobile and desktop — not a pop-up, not a new window. As of last year, over 100 million users had installed Google Pay on an Android device.

How to enable mobile payments in the BSD Tools
As mobile payment options like Apple Pay and Google Pay have grown in popularity, vendors like Stripe have also made it easier and more secure to implement these payment methods on platforms.

In an effort to help our customers take advantage of these advancements, all U.S. Formbuilder forms with Stripe gateways are now automatically enabled with Apple Pay and Google Pay checkout options. We look forward to supporting donation processing, including mobile payment options, for customers operating in other countries soon. 

The cherry on top? Formbuilder forms on the BSD Tools will detect devices that have valid Apple Pay and Google Pay accounts and automatically serve those supporters a custom layout. This will hide fields that are already captured via mobile payment providers, such as name, address, and credit card information, leaving only the most necessary fields to complete a transaction. Shorter forms = more conversions.

Digital payment technologies are here to stay. In fact, some fundraising best practices now revolve around the use of these smarter payment technologies. By using the latest technology to streamline your donation flow, you can make it even easier for your donors to support your cause and make a real difference in your revenue.

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