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  • Knowledge Base - Now with Events!

    Blue State's Knowledge Base is your one-stop-shop for questions and answers. Need to know how to use the Events Module? Just click the link in your Control Panel's top bar labeled "Help" and select "Events" from the menu.

    And while you're there, be sure to check out how-to's on every other core module in the BSD Control Panel. There's also detailed tech docs, and a slew of Tips & Tricks. Don't see what you're looking for? Tell us! Email help@bluestatedigital., and let us know how we can make your lives easier.

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  • Cicero: A new data provider for legislative officials

    Many of our clients use Speak Out for legislative outreach, and they rely on up-to-the-minute data to do so. We're always looking for new ways to serve you better, and that means keeping our Speak Out data as fresh as possible.

    Blue State's own software engineer, Bryan Alves, explains what our Tech team is working on right now to make sure your legislative outreach campaigns always reaches their intended targets.

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  • Tax Receipts

    Next week is Tax Week in the US - the one week of the year when we put off dates and parties and everything fun with that awful excuse: "Sorry. I have to do my taxes tonight."

    Blue State strives to make the week just a little bit less burdensome on your donors with tax receipts! Read on to learn how to configure receipts on your site.

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  • New Software Releases

    Today is New Release Day here at Blue State. Most clients will get automatically upgraded to version 2.4 of our software later today. Generally, we'll highlight here on the Control Panelist any new or interesting features, but if you're curious (and we hope you are), you can always peruse release notes to find out what you're getting.

    Read on to learn more about our releases, schedule, and how you can educate yourself about your Control Panel's features.

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  • Spotlight On: In-Email Event Details

    In our ongoing series highlighting what we think are especially useful, new features, we shine the spotlight on in-email event details.

    When creating a mass mailing, there are many personalization tags that help you customize your conversation with constituents. One new personalization tag, event details, lets you show the user the nearest event to them with full, templated details in the email itself.

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  • Server Maintenance - April 12, 22:00 EDT

    UPDATE, 22:45 EDT: Maintenance operation successful. All systems should be returned to normal function.

    We will be doing a minor maintenance operation to one of our database servers on Monday, April 12th from 22:00-22:30 EDT. You likely won't even notice any side effects from this maintenance, and there will be no general downtime for any client or user. Potentially, though, users could see confirmation emails from action forms (contributions, signups, and invites) delayed until the end of the maintenance window. Also, constituent and constituent group uploads may not process until the end of the window.

    If you have any questions or concerns regarding this maintenance or the scheduled window, please don't hesitate to contact us at help@bluestatedigital..

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  • End of Quarter Tips

    For many of our US clients, March 31st marks the end of the 1st Quarter for fundraising reporting. There are many "hidden gems" of functionality that we think everyone should know how to use (of course), but especially you fundraisers.

    As such, we've piled a few tips and tricks to help you maximize your "reporting potential" when it es to the Control Panel.

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  • A Fix For Mailing Timezones

    We know there's been confusion in the past when you schedule a mailing. When we first introduced email scheduling, it was all-times-Eastern. Then it was based on your install, and a display bug often required you to convert the time yourself. We admit, it was hard to navigate.

    Well, we've finally rectified the problem: when you schedule a mailing, it's now scheduled based on your Control Panel account's local timezone.

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  • Gmail vs. Our International Users

    We’re all worried about how secure our email is right? That’s why the good folks at Google have launched a new feature to let users see what country their account is being accessed from.

    But as the head of our London office explains, there could be a problem for some UK and international users who use the "Load Contacts" button on invite forms.

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  • Don’t buy, sell or steal email lists

    Our Director of Email Programs, Lauren Miller, has an excellent post on the main BSD Blog titled "Don’t buy, sell or steal email lists". There's often a temptation to increase your list size "by any means necessary." Lauren walks you through why this often ends up backfiring, and why you should exercise extreme caution in artificially augmenting your list.

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  • Spotlight On: External Contributions

    We're excited to announce a new feature being released today: the ability to manually add contributions to your fundraising database. We surveyed our clients and gathered feedback to try to figure out what we could do to make your lives easier. Overwhelmingly, we came across the same response - clients want a way to reflect their offline fundraising in their online totals. You spoke, and we delivered.

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  • Nuts & Bolts, or Stuff You Should Really Know

    OK, maybe these aren't the "coolest" things you've ever read, but we think every client should know what goes on "behind the screen" in the Control Panel. So as part of our new initiative to fill you in on how we do things, we've released a set of articles that we're calling "Nuts & Bolts."

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  • Meet the Control Panelist

    Over the last six years, I’ve often been asked how best to keep up with all we’re doing with our technology. While we've always had the "updates" box, most of you have told us that you never even thought to click there.

    Enter the Control Panelist, our new way to reach out to you and keep you up to date with the latest enhancements and also provide tips, tricks, and best practices for using the Blue State toolset.

    I’m extremely excited about this.  To start things off, I wanted to highlight four cool new advancements we’ve made in the last three months (two just launched today!)

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