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  • Congratulations to BSD Tools-powered Candidates

    We wanted to thank and congratulate our clients who used the BSD Tools to power their winning campaigns, including Phil Murphy for Governor of NJ, Ralph Northam for Governor of VA, Bill de Blasio for Mayor of NYC, and Mark Herring for Attorney General of VA, as well as the Democratic Party of Virginia. 

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  • Release notes 10/16/17 - 10/27/17

    • [FWORK-47547] - Corrected a bug that caused the constituent view page to show in chaptered mode even for those clients without chapters.
    • [FWORK-47490] - Fixed an issue which was not allowing the use of TWIG and QuickDonate one click links together
    • [FWORK-47604] - Addressed an issue with a slow query, which was resulting in slow load time for some manage pages
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  • Release notes 10/2/17 - 10/13/17

    • [FWORK-47460] - fixed an issue where null values for phone number were being exported as 0
    • Launched new client meta data service, which will allow for greater integration between BSD Tools and other BSD apps
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  • Release notes 9/18/17 - 9/29/17

    • [FWORK-47266] - Fixed an issue with the display of the send date for recurring mailings on the manage mailings page
    • [FWORK-46842] - Fixed an issue with the state picker on the constituent search tool
    • [FWORK-47366] - Added the ability to send emails with arbitrary key value pairs via the Triggered Mailings API
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  • Release notes 9/4/17 - 9/15/17

    • [FWORK-47455] - Added ability to set create date via the set_constituent_data API method
    • [FWORK-47367] - Added ability for clients to connect their own Stripe gateway to the BSD Tools donation platform
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  • Release notes 8/21/17-9/1/17

    • [FWORK-46995] - Fixed a bug with pagination on constituent dedupe which didn't allow folks to move past page 1
    • [FWORK-46957] - Fixed an issue which didn't allow email addresses with some special characters to be subscribed in the database
    • [FWORK-41949] - Modified the display of stats for A/B mailings on the Manage Mailings page to make more clear the results of test and main sends
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  • Release notes 8/7/17 to 8/19/17

    • [FWORK-47289] - New API methods have been added to the Trigger Mailer API to support collection of information about an email after its send
    • [FWORK-47358] - Resolved an issue with the display of the Canadian Province dropdown field on donation forms
    • [FWORK-47357] - Addressed a bug where files in the BSD library were not being correctly soft deleted when marked inactive
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  • Release notes 8/8/17

    • FWORK-47124 - Released the ability for clients to connect their existing Stripe accounts to the BSD Tools to process contributions.
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  • What Nonprofits Should Be Measuring: A KPIs Cheatsheet

    It’s easy to get hung up on flashy, easy-to-grab metrics or steal metrics from other marketing or fundraising frameworks. But here’s the thing: most metrics don’t offer nonprofits real strategic value. Download our handy KPIs Cheatsheet to understand the metrics that can actually tell you how well your fundraising program is tracking your strategy.

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  • Release notes 7/28/17

    • FWORK-47287 - Fixed a bug that caused users to not be able to edit their existing events
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  • Release notes 7/24/17

    • FWORK-47279 - Added support to simple events search to allow for searching just by State and not Zip Code
    • FWORK-47286 - Fixed a bug that was causing last sign in date for admins not to appear
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  • Release notes 7/17/17

    • FWORK-47272 - Fixed a bug that caused edits to not persist when changing content in A/B test cases
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  • Are you compromising your deliverability by sending to an old list?

    Have you been concerned about impacting your deliverability by sending email to an old list?  There are many risks to sending email to an outdated list, including but not limited to spam traps, blacklisting and feedback loops.

    In order to make maintaining your lists' health as easy as possible, we have added some new reports to the Reporting Library under Analytics in the Control Panel:

    • Standard Inactives
    • Non-Donor Actives
    • Mailing Clickers (date range)
    • Mailing Clickers by Cons Group (relative date)
    • Mailing Openers (date range)
    • Mailing Openers by Cons Group (relative date)

    Once you have compiled a list of inactive email addresses, you can run them through the Bulk Unsubscribe tool under the Email tab in the Control Panel to unsubscribe them from future mailings.

    You can read more about the importance of list hygiene here.

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  • Release notes 6/27/17

    • FWORK-47140 - Fixed a bug that caused merged constituents to have their mailing histories deleted 
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  • Release notes 6/23/17

    • FWORK-47226 - Fixed a bug that caused the counts of scheduled mailings to not appear correctly
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