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  • Mass Mailer Maintenance Window

    Blue State Digital will perform maintenance on its mass mailing infrastructure from Thursday February 22nd at 12:01 AM ET through Thursday February 22nd at 2:00 AM ET

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  • Action Required: Securing BSD Tools Domains

    As part of Blue State Digital’s ongoing efforts to improve the security of our software applications and put in place general best practices for web application security, we will be migrating all customer domains using non-secure protocols to HTTPS in the coming weeks. Concurrently, BSD will also be migrating all instances of the BSD Tools to Cloudfront, Amazon Web Services’ CDN solution. This will ultimately result in faster page loads and a more stable experience.

    As part of this process, your action will be required. You will receive an email notification several weeks prior to the migration date for your domain(s).

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  • Release notes 1/29/18 - 2/9/18

    • [FWORK-47691] - When using the {{ cons_addr.state_name }} or %%STATE_NAME%% personalization tags for the following states/provinces have changed from abbreviations to full names as follows:

      'DC' => 'D.C.',
      'NT' => 'the Northwest Territories',
      'FM' => 'the Federated States of Micronesia',
      'MH' => 'the Marshall Islands',
      'MP' => 'the Northern Mariana Islands',
      'UM' => 'the U.S. Minor Outlying Islands',
      'VI' => 'the Virgin Islands',
      'AA' => 'the Armed Forces - Americas',
      'AE' => 'the Armed Forces - Europe',
      'AP' => 'the Armed Forces - Pacific'

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  • Announcing CallOut Advanced Reporting, Custom Targets and more

    Today we’re pleased to announce a significant expansion our advocacy product, CallOut, bringing advanced reporting, custom target management, and internationalization.

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  • Release notes 1/8/18 - 1/19/18

    • [FWORK-47772] - Fixed an issue with user roles that caused them to cache for too long a period of time, distrupting user creation
    • [FWORK-47747] - Fixed a hardware issue which caused some scheduled emails to go out later than expected for some clients
    • [FWORK-47772] - Fixed a bug that didn't allow a role to be assigned for new users 
    • [FWORK-47794] - Fixed a bug for roles that didn't allow some clients to see all their roles when they had more than 100
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  • Documentation for MySQL replica database users

    We've developed improved documentation for customers who access a BSD Tools MySQL replica database. 

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  • Release notes 12/25/17 to 1/5/18

    • Newly designed navigation bar has been rolled out to clients
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  • New for 2018

    Happy New Year from the BSD Tools team! As you’re getting back into the swing of things after a busy 2017, you may have noticed some subtle changes to the BSD Tools. This morning, we launched a new navigation bar which streamlines the layout and visual design of the menus. Earlier, we made updates to the Admin User Management section to display additional information about chapter membership and to support the expanded use of role-based permissioning going forward.

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  • Release notes 12/11/17 to 12/22/17

    • [FWORK-47681] - Changed the "add a single transaction" workflow to automatically subscribed new constituents
    • [FWORK-47713] - Fixed an issue with contribution stats and export that caused a download error for some clients
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  • Release notes 11/27/17 to 12/8/17

    • Launched updated admin user management functionality. 
    • [FWORK-47720] - fixed an issue with the manage custom constituents fields page which caused some users to not be able to access it following the admin user management release
    • [FWORK-47159] - fixed a bug with the date formatting for externally uploaded contributions.
    • [FWORK-47688] - unfied the display of mailing stats from the same source throughout the manage mailings and stats screens
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  • End-of-Year Fundraising Tune Up

    Looking for quick wins to boost your end-of-year fundraising program during the final weeks of the year? Here are three ideas that will take just moments to implement.

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  • Watch: From Giving Tuesday to Intelligent Content: Your Year-End Fundraising Guide

    If you’ve spent any time on our blog recently, you might already know how to counter a possible drop in year-end donations due to December 31st falling on a Sunday, and maybe you’ve already read up on creative, alternative ways to raise some money or how fundraising has changed in the past few years.

    If not, no worries — two of our fundraising experts, Senior Strategists Chris Coletta and Brenna Foster, recently hosted a webinar or organizations just like yours with our partner Movable Ink on these very topics.

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  • Release notes 11/13/17 to 11/24/17

    • [FWORK-47663] - Fixed a bug that could have caused the removal of custom field data on a constituent upload in some circumstances
    • [FWORK-47660] - Addressed a bug that was not allowing fully permissioned users from editing custom constituent fields
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  • 3 Surprising Streams of Year-End Revenue

    If the headline on this post enticed you, you’re already thinking about how year-end fundraising is a BFD (a Big Funding Deal). There’s a ton of money on the line, a ton of work to be done, and a ton of content to create.

    Maybe you’ve even gone deep, thinking about what December 31 falling on a Sunday means for your revenue haul, or reconsidering your creative approach to stand out in a world where the fight for every donor’s inbox is bloodier than the Kill Bill movies.

    Now, if you’ve read our fundraising pro tips, you already know that the simplest way to raise money is to ask people for money, repeatedly and straightforwardly. And during EOY, that’s doubly true.

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  • Release notes 10/30/17 -11/10/17

    • [FWORK-46654] - Corrected an issue that was causing some emails with an extremely high level of clicks to reflect click data incorrectly
    • [FWORK-47589] - Corrected a bug where a new payment gateway was not associated with a chapter by default on creation
    • [FWORK-47524] - Added the ability to associate sub-source data via the constituent upload process
    • [FWORK-47551] - Addressed a bug that was causing donor receipts to not show up when constituents logged in to their manage payments page
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