What is A/B testing and why should I use it?

A/B testing is an incredibly powerful way to maximize the effectiveness of your emails. The BSD Mass Mailer allows you to create test versions of your email, which can be sent to a random sample of your recipient base. You can test variations of any of your email's headers (From, Reply-To, and Subject), as well as the message body, and mailing templates. You can create as many tests as you like and then view the statistics of each variation, helping you choose which version to send to the rest of you recipient base.

To enable A/B testing for an email, click Learn about and enable A/B testing on the upper righthand corner of a mailing's Message area. A pop-up will explain the concept of A/B testing; at the bottom of this window, click the Enable A/B Testing button. The Message area in the mailing edit screen will now become the Test Cases area. You can Edit, Clone, Preview, and send a sample of any test case.

When you have created a set of test cases, click the Save and next button at the bottom of the mailing edit screen. This will take you to the main Perform A/B Testing page. Here you can select a percentage of your recipient base to which to send tests, checklist your mailing, send, and view the results. For each test case, you will see the unsubscribes, open rate, click rate, and a margin of error to help you interpret the results.

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