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A suite of integrated features that work together to help you mobilize a community and drive real action. Get to know the BSD Tools a bit better.

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Don't just process donations: build a community of engaged supporters who give—and give again.

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  • Create a branded donation experience

    Customize donation pages and forms to match your website’s look and feel. Provide a seamless experience for every donor.

  • Keep more of every donation
    with FullGift

    Give your donors the option to cover your transaction fees. If they do, the full amount of each gift will go directly to your cause.

  • Industry-leading processing rates

    Stop paying 3% or 4% of every transaction in processing fees. We've negotiated industry leading rates that all BSD Tools clients can enjoy.

  • Promote personal fundraising

    Equip supporters to run campaigns—building community while you raise money.

  • Drive donations with QuickDonate

    Enable repeat supporters to give with just one click, via mobile, email, or web.

  • Recruit recurring donors

    Manage weekly, monthly, or annual debits

  • Get quick compliance

    Fundraise faster with out-of-the-box NGP integration for FEC compliance.

  • Safe and secure

    The BSD Tools are a PCI DSS-compliant Level 1 service provider.

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Drive action and build community with a comprehensive, robust email platform.

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  • Deliver branded emails

    Apply your brand’s look-and-feel to custom templates.

  • Segment and personalize

    Segment lists based on geography, demographics, and past actions, then personalize your message.

  • Identify spam triggers

    Scan mailings with some of the best anti-spam whitelisting tools in the industry.

  • Deliver mobile experiences

    Detect a recipient’s platform and deliver optimized emails and landing pages.

  • Optimize with A/B testing

    Run tests and tailor your message with detailed campaign performance reports.

  • Connect when it counts

    Guarantee email delivery with a platform that can send over 10 million emails an hour.

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Organize, observe, and inspire your audience through our in-depth analytics tools.

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  • Know your supporters

    Search constituent records across demographics or actions and add unlimited data fields to search queries.

  • Analyze email performance

    Capture email data and identify trends using open rates, click rates, and more.

  • Share data, easily

    Import and export data, view reports, and share information with your analytics systems or accounting database.

  • Track chapter reporting

    View activity and results for chapters without having to access individual accounts.

  • Optimize your fundraising

    Refine your efforts with in-depth donor reporting and supporter records.

  • Track actions taken

    See what actions your supporters have taken, from sign-ups to donations to sharing.

  • Custom reports

    We can create custom reports that you and your team can access at any time.

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Click-To-Call. Tweet @. Email. CallOut℠ is the most flexible advocacy tool available. Request a demo.

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  • Cut through the clutter

    Directly connect supporters with click-to-call. Use Twitter to publicly call them out. Or leverage traditional email.

  • Rich targeting data

    Use our pre-populated federal, state, and municipal target data. Even more datasets are coming soon.

  • Add your own targets

    Need to reach other public figures? Easily add or upload your own targets.

  • Create custom segments

    Customize “thank and spank” messaging based on each target’s positions, committee membership, or other criteria.

  • Detailed action tracking

    Flexible reporting views let you analyze and optimize campaigns in real time.

  • Create and deliver petitions

    Build custom petitions, rally supporters to take action, and deliver your message to right people.