In February 2011, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker began an unprecedented attack on state workers' collective bargaining rights. Judging by the ensuing recall effort--powered by the BSD Tools--Walker clearly didn't know what he was getting into.

In need of an online platform to harness the popular opposition to Walker's plan and build a cohesive movement to recall him from office, the Wisconsin Dems turned to the BSD Tools.

The multiple platforms previously used by the Party had created a data nightmare. The BSD Tools gave them an integrated system that connected online signups directly to their local field staff.

To prompt a recall election, the Party needed 540,000 signatures in 60 days. And since those signatures needed to be on paper, a huge army of volunteers had to be mobilized. The BSD Tools' intuitive user interface allowed field staff to directly manage their local volunteers, perform quick segmentation, and send thousands of high-performing emails that drove action online and offline.

This close integration of BSD Tools signup forms, constituent database, mass mailer, and events module let the Wisconsin Democrats put its recall campaign in the hands of field organizers around the state. In 60 days they doubled the required number of signatures and earned their recall election, scheduled for June 5th.