Posted July 12, 2012

I hear it all the time: Blue State Digital offers a great product, but only if you're running for President. The BSD Tools are too big and too expensive for my organization.

I call BS.

Yes, Blue State Digital was born out of Howard Dean's presidential bid, and yes, our software has powered Barack Obama's 2008 and 2012 campaigns. But the BSD Tools have also driven successful online programs for hundreds of other organizations, with staffs ranging from the thousands down to a single person.

Our view is simple: We believe that smaller organizations shouldn’t have to settle for lesser tools. And they shouldn’t have to spend thousands of dollars a month to have them – the BSD Tools are much more affordable than you think.

In other words, no other technology solution can offer the power and scope of our technology at similar cost.

Not NationBuilder – they start you with a low monthly fee, but sending email messages will cost you hundreds of dollars more per month. You even have to pay extra to incorporate your own branding or URL. And no matter how much you pay, your feature ideas and feedback on the platform will go directly to help thousands of Republican candidates and campaigns up and down the ballot.

Not Salsa – they’ll get you in the door with a reasonable monthly fee, but if you want to raise money, manage events, or perform a host of other tasks, get ready to pay a whole lot more.

Not Convio – they too charge you for each new piece of functionality. Using their system requires advanced knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP and Convio’s proprietary markup language. And worst of all, they’ll charge you more for every administrator, beyond the first two, that accesses their software.

These are all great companies with many wonderful, well-meaning people doing good, smart work. It's not about tearing anyone down.  

We simply believe our product is better for an organization of almost any size. We offer an unmatched combination of features and flexibility – capable of processing half a billion dollars in online contributions, yet simple enough to help a small nonprofit running on not much more than coffee and one person's dedication to make an outsized impact on the world. So, right now we're running a promotion for organizations who move to the BSD Tools. See for yourself how our rates and features pare with our petitors.

From the beginning, BSD has stood out from the crowd: By bringing together digital strategists and software developers, we crafted a platform that's powerful enough for a presidential campaign, yet flexible enough to raise money for earthquake relief, rally supporters behind marriage equality legislation, sell museum memberships and even organize football fans at sports bars around the world.

The BSD Tools aren't just easy to use – they're easy to use well. We put powerful features at your fingertips that let you do your job as efficiently as possible. With robust data reporting, you can ensure your digital strategies are grounded in the numbers, not just fads or hunches.

Compare our rates to the petition and take advantage of our Moving Day special.

Flexibility, functionality, and ease of use for the best value in the industry. The BSD Tools work for organizations of any size and shape. Why not yours?