Frequently Asked Questions

  • What target data is included with the product?

    The following target data sets are included in the base fee:

    • United States (including Puerto Rico): President, Vice President, U.S. Senate, U.S. House, State Senates, State Houses, Municipal Governments (see full list below)

    • Canada: Parliament, Provincial legislative Assemblies, Municipal Governments for Montréal, Ottawa, Toronto, and Vancouver

    • United Kingdom: Parliament, Greater London Authority

    • Northern Ireland: Assembly

    • Scotland: Parliament

    • Wales: National Assembly

    Interested in adding another data set? You’ll be able to easily to add additional targets to the system through simple file uploads. Or contact us about purchasing additional target data sets.

    Akron, OH Dauphin County, PA Louisville, KY Riverside, CA
    Albuquerque, NM Delaware County, PA Madison, WI Rochester, NY
    Allegheny County, PA Denver, CO Mecklenburg County, NC Sacramento, CA
    Anaheim, CA Detroit, MI Memphis, TN Salt Lake City, UT
    Anchorage, AK El Paso, TX Mesa, AZ San Antonio, TX
    Arlington County, VA Erie, PA Miami, FL San Bernardino, CA
    Arlington, TX Evansville, IL Milwaukee, WI San Diego, CA
    Arlington, VA Fairfax, VA Minneapolis, MN San Francisco, CA
    Atlanta, GA Fort Collins, CO Myrtle Beach, SC San Jose, CA
    Atlantic City, NJ Fort Lauderdale, FL Mobile, AL Santa Ana, CA
    Augusta, GA Fort Worth, TX Montgomery County, MD Savannah, GA
    Aurora, CO Fresno, CA Montgomery County, PA Seattle, WA
    Austin, TX Greene County, MO Myrtle Beach, SC Sioux Falls, SD
    Bakersfield, CA Greensboro, NC Naples, FL Spokane, WA
    Baltimore, MD Greenville, SC Nashville, TN Springfield, MO
    Baton Rouge, LA Harrisburg, PA New Orleans, LA St. Charles County, MO
    Berkeley, CA Henderson, NV New York, NY St. Louis, MO
    Birmingham, AL Honolulu, HI Oakland, CA St. Louis County, MO
    Boston, MA Houston, TX Oklahoma City, OK St. Paul, MN
    Bucks County, PA Indianapolis, IN St. Charles County, MO St. Petersburg, FL
    Burlington, VT Irving, TX Omaha, NE Stockton, CA
    Charleston, SC Jackson, MS Oregon Metro, OR Syracuse, NY
    Charlotte, NC Jacksonville, FL Orlando, FL Tacoma, WA
    Chester County, PA Jefferson City, MO Oxnard, CA Tampa, FL
    Chicago, IL Jersey City, NJ Philadelphia, PA Tallahassee, FL
    Cincinnati, OH Kansas City, MO Phoenix, AZ Toledo, OH
    Cleveland, OH King County, WA Pittsburgh, PA Tucson, AZ
    Cole County, MO Lake County, IN Portland, OR Tulsa, OK
    Colorado Springs, CO Las Vegas, NV Prince Georges County, MD Virginia Beach, VA
    Columbia, SC Lexington, KY Providence, RI Wake County, NC
    Columbus, GA Long Beach, CA Raleigh, NC Washington, DC
    Columbus, OH Los Angeles County, CA Richland County, SC West Palm Beach, FL
    Cook County, IL Los Angeles, CA Richmond, VA Wichita, KS
    Dallas, TX      


  • Does your product support “split advocacy” or “thank-and-spank” campaigns?

    Yes. It’s easy to segment targets based on their past legislative votes or their positions on issues. Once you’ve created target segments, you can configure different messages for each of them to make sure your supporters’ content is always relevant and impactful.

  • Can I customize messaging based on who my specific targets are?

    Yes. You’ll be able to set up separate messages for each segment of targets you create to make sure your content is also relevant and resonant.

  • Can I create custom target lists?

    Yes. It’s easy to upload additional targets to the system through simple file uploads. Then – on a campaign by campaign basis – you can configure custom lists based on targets’ geographies, offices, committee memberships, election cycles, legislative votes, and more.

  • How does your pricing work?

    Our pricing is designed to be simple and transparent. Where other companies charge you just to maintain a list of often inactive or unused supporters, with CallOut, you only pay more when your supporters take action. Specifically, we count one “action” each time a supporter searches for a list of advocacy targets. If the supporter uses that list to call, Tweet, or email multiple times, you won't be charged extra. 

  • What reporting is available?

    Detailed, filterable reports for all contact channels – Twitter, Click-To-Call and Email – are available in the product. All reports can be run to display data on either message deliveries and message failures.

  • How does click-to-call work?

    It's simple! Your supporters will enter their phone number and click submit. When they do, our system will call them and connect them to the office or person your campaign is targeting. It's the easiest way to mobilize your supporters to quickly make calls. We’ve partnered with Twilio, a leading provider of digital calling experiences. Any organization can easily sign up with Twilio, supply us with an API key, and immediately begin to use this functionality. You’ll only pay Twilio for the actual calls made.

  • Can your advocacy product be integrated with other CRMs?

    Yes. We’ve already built a powerful integration between our advocacy product and the BSD Tools, the most effective platform for fundraising, engaging, and communicating with supporters online. And if you’re not using the BSD Tools, we provide a fully-featured API to facilitate other integrations.