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We built the BSD Tools.

Meet the platform behind both of President Obama’s historic campaigns—the largest grassroots campaign in history.

We got our start on a different campaign, though, working our hearts out for Governor Howard Dean’s 2004 presidential bid and charting a new course for grassroots, community mobilization. It started with email, and with asking people to make small donations. But the technology of the time failed us, again and again.

Nothing was fast enough, reliable enough, or scalable enough to power the kind of grassroots digital movement we had in mind. So we built a new platform ourselves.

Since then, the ever-evolving EA Digital Tools have helped power nonprofits, advocacy groups, political campaigns, and brands of all stripes. Beyond powering digital fundraising for both President Obama’s campaigns, we’ve helped Freedom to Marry fight for marriage equality, Partners in Health bring healthcare to the poor and marginalized, Oxfam fight poverty, and Ford mobilize a community of brand advocates (just to name a few).

As the foundation for thousands of successful campaigns, the EA Digital Tools have raised $1.9 billion (and counting) in direct contributions from more than 28 million people and driven millions of actions that benefit our clients’ brands and bottom lines. 

68,097,235,532 emails sent

$2,337,410,543 raised

567,916,554 signups

as of August 2018

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