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  • Release notes 3/15/17

    • [FWORK-46501] - Fixed a typo in the instructions for constituent uploads
    • [FWORK-46670] - Fixed a bug with the sizing of the window for editing Signup Form thank you emails
    • [FWORK-46075] - Fixed a bug with in the personalization tag builder which created broken One-Click signup form links
  • Release notes 3/14/17

    • [FWORK-46815] - Fixed a bug which caused Google map to not show up on events search results page
    • [FWORK-46861] - Fixed a bug where Speakout campaigns would not submit when zip+4 was entered
  • Release notes 3/10/17

    • [FWORK-46824] - Fixed a bug which caused the one-click unsubscribe personalization tag to not work for chaptered clients
  • Release notes 2/14/17

    • [FWORK-46733] - Paramatized signup form URLs are now cachable to prevent high traffic from causing load issues.
  • Release notes 2/7/17

    • [FWORK-46732] - Email address has been added to the meta data field on recurring donations in Stripe for clients who use the Stripe gateway. 
  • Release notes 1/27/17

    • [FWORK-46513] - A bug was resolved where FullGift could not be enabled when initially setting up a form
    • [FWORK-46667] - The URL for images in signup campaigns have been updated to reflect their location appropriately
  • Release notes 1/25/17

    • [FWORK-46265] - An error on the Advocacy summary reporting page has been addressed to allow the page to load correctly.
  • Release notes 1/9/17

    • [EE-1504] - Login to Expression Engine will now be forced through secure domains
  • Release notes 1/03/17

    • [FWORK-46579] - State and Province names have been added to the dictionary. From the "States & Regions" area of the dictionary you can now change the display name of states across all forms and languages.
  • Release notes 12/19/16

    • [FWORK-46533] - Two new recurring contribution API calls have been added to the BSD API:

    Get By Token will return data about a specific gift from a charge token

    Update Contributions allows for the alteration of existing recurring gifts   

    More about these API methods can be found here

  • Release notes 12/15/16

    • [FWORK-46488] - A bug which caused preheaders to break mobile responsiveness in some email templates has been resolved.
  • Release notes 12/5/16

    • [FWORK-46435] - Fixed a bug that caused searches for donations with a specific source code to yield incorrect results.
    • [FWORK-46523] - Introduced a new API method that will allow for contributions to be refunded. Read more here.
  • Release notes 11/18/16

    • [FWORK-42977] - CORS and JSONP support has been added to the constituent counter at /utils/cons_counter/signup_counter.ajax.php
    • [FWORK-42980] - A bug was fixed that caused multiline text fields to be cut off at 256 characters when updated through the Constituent View page
  • Release notes 11/15/16

    • [FWORK-46443] - Shortcuts created in the Advanced Shortcuts module can now be cloned.
    • [FWORK-46443] - Zip code radius searches can now be done using a comma separated list of zip codes
  • Release notes 11/14/16

    • [FWORK-45629] - A bug was fixed in the get_signups_by_form_id API call that caused it to return empty results in some examples
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