• Updates to BSD Tools and CallOut Log-In System

    Due to the blizzard affecting the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Regions of the US, we have rescheduled this work for next week.

    Beginning at 11:00 PM ET on March 21, 2017 and ending before 4:00 AM ET on March 22, 2017 the BSD Tools team will be rolling out improvements to the authentication system for your organization’s user accounts. This is the first phase of a broader project that will soon bring easier-to-use but more robust account management functionality to the BSD Tools, while improving the security of your account.

    While the phase one deployment is underway, your instance of the BSD Tools will function normally, but you will not be able to update email addresses or passwords associated with existing user accounts. You will be able to edit permissions and deactivate users. Once the work is complete, all existing usernames and passwords will remain the same, but you will need to log in again.

    Additionally, you'll also notice some updates to the log-in, password reset, and user creation experiences -- these are the first of many that we will be releasing soon.

    If there are any questions about this work or about your user account going forward, please reach out to us at

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  • Release notes 2/14/17

    • [FWORK-46733] - Paramatized signup form URLs are now cachable to prevent high traffic from causing load issues.
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  • 2016 Year-End Fundraising Highlights

    The BSDTools processed over 500,000 donations this year-end fundraising season. Who is to thank? You the donors, advances in our email testing, bigger and bolder creative, and yes, Donald Trump.

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  • Release notes 2/7/17

    • [FWORK-46732] - Email address has been added to the meta data field on recurring donations in Stripe for clients who use the Stripe gateway. 
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  • Closer Integration for Stripe Accounts

    In the past year, we’ve announced three exciting BSD Tools projects in partnership with Stripe: a reduced processing fee, our QuickDonate one-click payments tool, and FullGift, which saves organizations thousands in processing fees. Today, we’re pleased to announce two additional releases that will further strengthen our integration.

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  • Release notes 1/27/17

    • [FWORK-46513] - A bug was resolved where FullGift could not be enabled when initially setting up a form
    • [FWORK-46667] - The URL for images in signup campaigns have been updated to reflect their location appropriately
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  • Release notes 1/25/17

    • [FWORK-46265] - An error on the Advocacy summary reporting page has been addressed to allow the page to load correctly.
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  • Introducing CallOut

    At noon tomorrow, Donald Trump’s inauguration will usher in a scary time for the country’s progressive institutions. In this new era, Advocacy – loudly broadcasting the voices of the majority of Americans who do not support these rollbacks – will be more important than ever.

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  • Release notes 1/9/17

    • [EE-1504] - Login to Expression Engine will now be forced through secure domains
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  • Release notes 1/03/17

    • [FWORK-46579] - State and Province names have been added to the dictionary. From the "States & Regions" area of the dictionary you can now change the display name of states across all forms and languages.
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  • Release notes 12/19/16

    • [FWORK-46533] - Two new recurring contribution API calls have been added to the BSD API:

    Get By Token will return data about a specific gift from a charge token

    Update Contributions allows for the alteration of existing recurring gifts   

    More about these API methods can be found here

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  • Release notes 12/15/16

    • [FWORK-46488] - A bug which caused preheaders to break mobile responsiveness in some email templates has been resolved.
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  • Release notes 12/5/16

    • [FWORK-46435] - Fixed a bug that caused searches for donations with a specific source code to yield incorrect results.
    • [FWORK-46523] - Introduced a new API method that will allow for contributions to be refunded. Read more here.
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  • Release notes 11/18/16

    • [FWORK-42977] - CORS and JSONP support has been added to the constituent counter at /utils/cons_counter/signup_counter.ajax.php
    • [FWORK-42980] - A bug was fixed that caused multiline text fields to be cut off at 256 characters when updated through the Constituent View page
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  • Feature Updates - Fall 2016

    Our team has been busy these last couple of months working on enhancements and fixes for the BSD Tools. Here are a few of the latest updates across the platform—you can always check the latest at the BSD Release Notes Site to see updates as they are released.

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