• Release notes 5/15/17

    • [FWORK-47021] - Fixed a bug that required postal codes for countries where they did not apply
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  • Release notes 5/11/17

    • [FWORK-40319] - Error notification has been added to the contribution upload system to let you know if bad or unprocessed rows were in your file
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  • Enhancements to BSD’s Email Design Assistant

    We have updated the BSD Tools Email Design Assistant, a tool that will easily let you create bespoke email templates, to add even more capabilities:

    • Hex color selector
    • Political disclaimer box maker
    • Logo Image Alt Text insertion

    and others.

    The output of the Email Design Assistant based on years of A/B testing and best practices developed by Blue State Digital. It’s mobile-optimized and will ensure your supporters consume your email messages in a format that is optimized for their specific devices. And best of all, anyone can use it. No CSS, HTML, or other code required.

    Take advantage of the Email Design Assistant to build your own email templates today!

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  • Release notes 5/5/17

    • [FWORK-46573] - Fixed a bug that caused the Manage Mailings page to incorrectly show the "Last Sent" date of a message even when it had never been sent.
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  • Release notes 4/27/17

    • [FWORK-46948] - Added a notification email to the authorization service to notify users when they have been given access to another client
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  • Release notes 4/26/17

    • [FWORK-47014] - Fixed a bug that prevented the sending to UK MPs via the send_letter_to_target API
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  • Release notes 4/25/17

    • [FWORK-38091] - Fixed a bug that caused the "auto-complete" signup form field type to fail.
    • [FWORK-47035] - Fixed a bug with the get_constituents_by_ext_id API method which caused ext IDs containing special characters to return incorrect results in a search.
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  • Release notes 4/11/17

    • [FWORK-46726] - Added BSD contribution page name to meta data sent over to Stripe
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  • Release notes 4/7/17

    • [FWORK-46973] - Fixed an issue that caused some users to fail log in attempts due to a redirect loop
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  • Release notes 4/5/17

    • [FWORK-46920] - Fixed a bug that prevented last log in date from populating on the user management screen
    • [FWORK-46945] - Added a new screen to the authorization process to make it clearer to users when they are attempting to log in to the wrong BSD Tools account
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  • Release notes 3/29/17

    • [FWORK-46948] - Added a notification email for users that already had a BSD Tools account, letting them know they have been given access to a new client
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  • Release notes 3/28/17

    • [FWORK-46910] - Fixed a bug that caused submissions from BSD's signup forms to not correctly map to VAN note categories
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  • Release notes 3/27/17

    • [FWORK-46785] - We've added additional data to Stripe's metadata field to accomodate more information from BSD's database
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  • Release notes 3/15/17

    • [FWORK-46501] - Fixed a typo in the instructions for constituent uploads
    • [FWORK-46670] - Fixed a bug with the sizing of the window for editing Signup Form thank you emails
    • [FWORK-46075] - Fixed a bug with in the personalization tag builder which created broken One-Click signup form links
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  • Release notes 3/14/17

    • [FWORK-46815] - Fixed a bug which caused Google map to not show up on events search results page
    • [FWORK-46861] - Fixed a bug where Speakout campaigns would not submit when zip+4 was entered
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