Live Online Training

  • New Admin Training 201: Advanced Mailer

    Now that you've had the chance to explore the Control Panel, and maybe send an email or two, it's time to learn about the more advanced mailer features for your program. This 201 training will cover dynamic personalization, A/B testing, and more.   

  • New Admin Training

    Are you a new Control Panel user looking for an intro? If so, New Admin Trainings are for you. Hosted once a week by our Client Services staff, these trainings are your best opportunity to learn the ropes and ask questions from the folks who know the CP best. And be sure to check out other, upcoming

  • New Admin Training 201: Advocacy

    Now that you have learned the basics of the Control Panel, it is time to learn how to make the most out of our advocacy features. This 201 training will demonstrate the components of the advocacy offering (lists, petitions, and letters to the editor) and include time for your questions.

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On Demand Training

  • Getting Started with Blue State

    New to the BSD Tools? We've got all the information and steps to get started with your account. If you need a refresher or looking for the basics, you'll find them here.

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  • BSD 101: Your first day with the BSD Tools

    People often ask us, "what should I know about the BSD Tools as I start using it?", good question we say, here's a good list of articles to take a look through as you are getting going.

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  • BSD 201: Advanced Modules and Uses

    So, you've graduated from BSD 101? Excellent! The next semester has started, and we are offering up a new curriculum. The aim of this course is to familiarize users with some of the more advanced uses of The BSD Tools.

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